The Willamette United Football Club is proud to announce that Henrique Araujo and Zoe Hirai are our February 2024 Players of the Month! We are incredibly proud to call these two amazing players members of our organization. Congratulations to Henrique and Zoe!

Zoe Hirai: Coach Steve had a few words to say about Zoe’s recent successes at trainings and games. “Zoe is an amazing player that is always focused, attentive and works incredibly hard at every practice and game. She pushes herself and her teammates to play at the highest level possible every time she steps on the field. She is clearly a student of the game, always listening when coaches are speaking and applying the information in practices and games.”

Congrats to Zoe for embodying Willamette United’s spirit!!

Henrique Araujo: Coach Israel had a few words to say about Henrique’s development and training habits. “Henrique has been amazing on the field as he distributes the ball evenly on the field and makes sure he dribbles the ball out of tough situations. Henrique has been team captain voted by his teammates and coaches by showing leadership during practice and game days. He also uses very supportive words to help his teammates during tough games. Henrique is always asking if the coaching staff needs help with equipment. Overall, Henrique has been a pleasure to coach and he continues to impress us with his technical skills and tactical qualities.”

Congrats to Henrique for embodying Willamette United’s spirit!!