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WUFC Rec Resources2023-09-13T09:03:52-07:00

Helpful Links

Soccer 5 Fall League Rules

Soccer 5 will always use the most updated IFAB rules. Click here for a complete list of Soccer 5 rules.

2023 Fall K-8th Grade Game Schedules

Click the links below to access the K-8th Grade division game schedules.

For K-2nd Grade, use the tabs at the bottom of the google sheet to switch grade and genders.

2023 HS Coed Game Schedules

Click the link below to access the game schedules for the High School Coed divisions.

2023 Fall Practice Schedules

Click the button below to access the 2023 Fall Practice Schedule.

2023 Fall Field Maps

Click the button below to access our 2023 Fall Field Maps.

Injury Report Form

If a player is injured during a practice or game, please have their parents fill out our injury report form.

Rec Coaching Documents

Recreational Coaching Manual

Please refer to our Recreational Coaching Manual for WUFC’s coaching expectations.

Recreational Coaching Meeting Outline

Please refer to our Recreational Coaches Meeting Outline for WUFC’s coaching expectations.

Practice Schedule Request Form

Only coaches who have completed all coaching certifications and background check are allowed to host a team practice. If you would like to request a new practice time and location, fill out our Practice Request Form by clicking the button below. Once submitted, email [email protected] to confirm that your practice request was received.

Coaching Certifications

If you plan on coaching for Willamette United Football Club in any capacity, you need to complete the following certifications every season. You will not be confirmed or assigned to a team until all of these requirements have been turned into the administration office.

Please complete your concussion certification and SafeSport certification before applying for your OYSA background check. Please email [email protected] both of your concussion and SafeSport certifications when completed.

Step 1:
Complete Concussion Certification

Every season coaches will need to renew their concussion certification.

Step 2:
Complete SafeSport Certification

  • Coaches taking SafeSport training for the first time need to complete the SafeSport Trained Core (90 minutes) module.
  • Coaches who have previously completed the SafeSport Trained Core (90 minutes) module from the previous seasonal year only need to complete ONE (1) of the 30-Minute Refresher courses (Refresher 2 or Refresher 3) to be certified for another seasonal year.
  • Once both 30-Minute Refresher courses have been completed, coaches will need to start over and complete the SafeSport Trained Core (90 minutes) module.

Step 3:
Upload Your Photo and Certificates to Your OYSA Profile

All coaches will be required to show their OYSA Coaching Card to the referee prior to their game starting. Your OYSA Coaching Card must have your photo on so the referee can confirm your identification.

Step 4:
Apply For OYSA Background Check

Every season coaches will need to pass a background check before they will be allowed to coach.

Coaching Identification Cards

All coaches will be required to show their OYSA Coaching Card to the referee prior to their game starting.

If a coach fails to show their approved player card (physically or digitally), the game will not be played and referees will leave the area. The game can be rescheduled later if both teams can agree on a new date and time based on the home team’s field availability.

Coaches need to complete all certifications (concussion, SafeSport, OYSA background check) and upload a photo of themselves to their OYSA profile before their card can be printed.

Coaches will need to pick up their card in person after they attend the WUFC coaches meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What number do I get printed on my jersey?2020-04-16T12:31:59-07:00

Jersey numbers AND names are not allowed on the back of WUFC rec soccer jerseys.

Who needs a background check?2022-09-06T20:17:29-07:00

OYSA Policy 801-1, Section 1.C. states that, “No adult may actively participate in the activities of the Association or any of its member clubs until that person has registered with the Association as an Administrator and has a risk status of Approved.”

Any person age of 18 or over who fills any of the following roles for OYSA or for an OYSA member club is covered by this policy:

  1. Board members
  2. Employees
  3. Coaches
  4. Assistant coaches
  5. Team Managers
  6. Trainers
  7. Other adult Volunteers
  8. Referees who officiate an OYSA sponsored match (effective 7/1/2010) or an OYSA sanctioned match (effective 7/1/2011)
How do I register my background check with OYSA?2022-09-06T20:17:03-07:00

Registration is done online through OYSA’s online registration software. Please follow these steps to register your background check with OYSA.

What information do I need to register?2020-06-11T09:11:16-07:00

If you are registering for the first time, you will be required to provide:

  1. Your legal name (please do not use your nickname as the name you enter will be used for your background check).
  2. Your date of birth.
  3. Your mailing address.
  4. At least one phone number.
  5. A valid email address.
  6. Your drivers license number and expiration date.
  7. The level of play to which your application applies (which you select is only important if you are applying for a coaching position).
  8. The position for which you wish to be considered (the selection is only important if you are applying for a coaching position).
  9. Answers to criminal history disclosure questions.
  10. A user name and password.

You will also be required to review and accept electronic legal agreements regarding background checks that include specific permission to OYSA to run a background check using your registration information.

I registered last year. Do I need to enter all of that information again?2022-09-06T20:19:03-07:00

No. You begin a new application by selecting registration our club’s OYSA registration page, then entering your username and password. All of your account information will be brought into the new application. You only need to confirm the accuracy of that information or update it in order to apply. You will still be required to review and accept the electronic legal agreements for each application that you submit.

I had a background check last year, but I have forgotten my username and/or password. Can I recover my password?2022-09-06T20:19:49-07:00

Yes, you can. Just click on the forgot password link on our club’s Affinity page, on the OYSA page for Affinity, or when you have started a coaching application. Once you enter some identifying information, you will be emailed a link that will allow you to set a new password and or username for your account. The link is sent to the email address registered to your account, so you must have an email address. If you do not have an email address, or have any problems, please contact the club registrar to reset your username and password.

Can I see the results of my background check?2020-06-11T09:09:09-07:00

No. The risk status in your account is only visible to a WUFC club official with proper security clearance or to an OYSA staff user. The detailed background report is only available to OYSA’s Risk Management Coordinator (RMC), and only the RMC can change a person’s risk status.

I am not sure whether I have an OYSA account. Is there a way for me to find out?2020-06-11T09:10:44-07:00

If you have a child who has been registered to play for an OYSA member club at any time since the fall of 2008, you very likely have an account. Try clicking on the Forgot Password link to either retrieve or enter a new user name and password. If you did not register an email address or the system is unable to locate an account for you, contact our club registrar to reset your username and password.

How do I update or change my player’s rec registration information?2020-06-11T08:29:09-07:00

To update or change your player’s rec registration information, please follow the steps below. These steps can help you change the participant’s information (name, birth date, address, etc.) as well as program information (teammate requests, coaching requests, school, etc.).

  1. Login to your WUFC recreational account – Click Here to login.
  2. Click on the “3 horizontal dots” in the top right corner of the “Participants” section. Then navigate to “Edit Registration Info” and select the participant’s name you would like to update information for.

  3. After selecting your participant’s name, you will be brought to the participant’s registration information page.
  4. After updating your participant’s information, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Update”.
  5. You have successfully updated your participant’s registration information!
Where can I find our fall rec game schedules?2020-04-16T12:48:30-07:00

Please check the Soccer 5 website for fall rec game schedules.

When do fall rec practices start?2020-04-16T12:32:00-07:00

Teams can typically start practicing in the middle of August. The start date for team practices varies from year to year based on field availability. Please contact your team’s coach for more information in regards to practice times and locations.

Please view our field maps for practice field locations (Resources > Field Maps > Select Location).

Where are fall rec practices held?2020-04-17T11:19:20-07:00

Fall rec practices are held at various parks and schools located around the West Linn and Wilsonville areas. Our volunteer rec coaches submit a practice request form to WUFC for their preferred practice time and location based on the field availability we were given by the local Parks and Rec Department or School District.

Please view our field maps for practice and home field locations (Resources > Field Maps > Select Location).

Where do I buy WUFC soccer uniforms?2023-04-12T13:38:32-07:00

You can purchase WUFC game uniforms from Tursi’s Soccer Store. WUFC tries to limit the amount of money parents have to spend on game jerseys. WUFC tries to keep the same jersey design from year to year; typically last year’s jersey will be acceptable to use for the upcoming season.

Please visit our WUFC Uniform Page to find your player’s specific uniform requirements.

When will fall rec rosters be announced?2020-04-16T12:32:00-07:00

We try our best to have all fall rec team rosters available to parents by the middle of August.

What is the WUFC refund policy?2023-04-18T12:04:42-07:00

Please see our WUFC Policy Guide for our refund policies.

What are WUFC Referee Mentors?2020-04-17T11:35:41-07:00

WUFC is committed to fostering an educational environment to allow referees at all levels to develop their skills. For our rec program, we use Referee Mentors to help support referees build confidence in their refereeing skills.

Where can you find Referee Mentors?

  • Referee Mentors will be seen anywhere near the field. Typically they will stand on the team sideline between both teams at the half line where they help administer substitutions, assist the referee(s) with game management, and provide other support as listed in the overview provided below. Referee Mentors also walk around to the spectator’s side of the field to, observe, listen, and advocate only when necessary.

What is the Referee Mentors role?

The Referee Mentor plays many important roles in the development of referees:

  • As a friend, the Mentor must be persuasive in his/her comments to the referee. The referee must trust the motives as well as the judgment of the Mentor and believe that the Mentor gives freely of time and effort.
  • As an observer, the Mentor must provide sound, simple advice and assistance that leads the referee on the shortest path to success. The referee must believe in the sincerity and credibility of the assistance given.
  • As a supporter, the Mentor offers encouragement in unlimited supply. In this view, the referee can do no wrong, but can always be encouraged to do better. This is unconditional support for the person, not for everything the person does.
  • As an advocate, the Mentor is obligated to take the part of the referee in all encounters. No criticism or dissent can go unchecked; no party can challenge without the proactive, positive involvement of the Mentor.
  • As a choreographer, the Mentor helps the new and developing referee to stage the officiating process. From the opening — arrival and inspection of the field – to closing — the post-game ceremony and bookkeeping.
  • As an advisor, the Mentor provides accurate, factual information that gives the referee additional insight and understanding. The Mentor can encourage and assist the referee to move through the upgrade process.
  • As a coach, the Mentor offers tactical instructions to help the referee manage his games with practical and realistic suggestions in improving his performance and enjoyment of the game.
  • As a role model, the Mentor gives the developing referee a real person to emulate. The Mentor’s attitudes, values and behaviors set the example that the referee is likely to follow on the field.
Are earrings allowed?2020-04-16T12:31:59-07:00

Earrings and other jewelry of any kind may not be worn during practices, warm-ups, or games. This includes, but is not limited to earrings, nose rings, necklaces, barrettes, watches, and necklaces. Players should not get any new piercings after June 30th.

Are casts allowed?2020-04-16T12:31:59-07:00

No casts of any kind may be worn during practices, warm-ups, or games. Support braces that contain metal may not be worn either.

Parent Sideline Etiquette (3 yard rule):2020-04-16T12:31:59-07:00

All spectators are required to maintain a minimum of a 3 yard buffer between themselves and the game field sidelines. No player, coach, parent, spectator, or pet is allowed to sit or stand behind the field’s two end-lines (the line that runs between the two corner flags where the goal is sitting on).

Are dogs or other pets allowed at practices or games?2020-04-16T12:31:59-07:00

For the safety of the players and pets, we ask that our families leave their dogs and other pets at home. Spectators that must bring their dog or other pet to the game are required to keep them 10 yards off the sidelines. This rule is MANDATORY and will be enforced by referees, or referee mentors, if they feel that an animals presence is a potential danger to the players. Service dogs will be allowed to sit with their owner at the 3 yard mark provided they can be placed in a position where they are BEHIND the owner giving a buffer between the animal and the field of play.

Field conditions and maintenance.2020-04-16T12:31:59-07:00

WUFC does not own or maintain any fields at this time. Local City Parks Departments and the school district maintain and rent all fields to us for use during our seasons. We would like your help to make sure all fields are in a safe playing condition for our kids. All coaches and parents can help by walking the fields prior to practices and games to make sure conditions are safe. If you’re interested in volunteering to help maintain field conditions, please contact us.

Where should I host our end of year soccer party?2020-04-16T12:51:10-07:00

Hosting an end of the season team party is optional. Please keep any costs associated with a team party to a minimum and make them optional to your teams.

WUFC has a special promotion with Bullwinkle’s Family Fun Center. If a WUFC soccer team hosts their end of season party at Bullwinkle’s and mentions that they are a WUFC soccer party, Bullwinkle’s will donate 10% of all the proceeds back to WUFC.

What league does Willamette United FC play in?2020-04-17T11:11:58-07:00

All Kindergarten through 2nd Grade soccer teams play in an internal WUFC soccer league, these teams will only play other WUFC soccer teams. Soccer 5 handles all game scheduling for WUFC’s K-2nd grade league.

All 3rd Grade – High School Coed teams play in the Soccer 5 Recreational Soccer League. Soccer 5 serves the communities of Aurora, Canby, Clackamas, Colton, Damascus, Estacada, Gladstone, Hubbard, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Molalla, North Clackamas, Oregon City, West Linn, Wilsonville, and Woodburn. Soccer 5 handles all game scheduling for 3rd grade – high school coed soccer teams.

What are the game rules for my players grade?2020-04-17T11:36:05-07:00

The rules of the game change by grade. Please check the Soccer 5 website for the most up to date league rules by grade.

Game Format Keeper? Ball Size Field Size Referees? Game Length Goal Size
Kindergarten 4 vs 4 No 3 20 x 30 yds Coaches Four 8 minute quarters 4′ x 6′
1st and 2nd Grade 4 vs 4 No 3 20-30 x 40 yds Coaches Four 10 minute quarters 4′ x 6′
3rd and 4th Grade 7 vs 7 Yes 4 35-45 x 55-65 yds Paid Referees Two 25 minute halves 6′ x 18′
5th and 6th Grade 9 vs 9 Yes 4 45-55 x 70-80 yds Paid Referees Two 25 minute halves 6′ x 18′
7th and 8th Grade 11 vs 11 Yes 5 55-75 x 95-120 yds Paid Referees Two 35 minute halves 8′ x 24′
High School Coed 11 vs 11 Yes 5 60-75 x 100-120 yds Paid Referees Two 40 minute halves 8′ x 24′
When are fall rec game schedules posted?2020-04-16T12:48:07-07:00

Game schedules for the fall rec season are generally posted about five days before games are to begin. Rec games typically start the Saturday following Labor Day. Please check the Soccer 5 website for game schedules.

When do fall rec games start?2020-04-16T12:47:37-07:00

Rec games typically start the Saturday following Labor Day. Please check the Soccer 5 website for game schedules.

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