The Willamette United Football Club is proud to announce that Cameron Farleigh and Kayla Redfield are our April 2024 Players of the Month! We are incredibly proud to call these two amazing players members of our organization. Congratulations to Cameron and Kayla!

Kayla Redfield: Coach Sydney had a few words to say about Kayla’s recent successes at trainings and games. “Kayla has consistently been a positive light on our team. She is always outgoing and finds opportunities to grow in everything she does. Kayla leaves it all on the field not just at practice but in games as well. Kayla has grown tremendously over the last several seasons and continues to fulfill the values this club has set in motion. Her sportsmanship is unmatched and is displayed in every game. Kayla has scored several goals this season, some of the most beautiful goals us coaches have seen! Playing as a holding midfielder, she gets to shut players down in the defensive line, but uses her speed to drive up the field and attack on goal.”

Congrats to Kayla for embodying Willamette United’s spirit!!

Cameron Farleigh: Coach Nate had a few words to say about Cameron’s recent successes.

“Cameron’s growth as a player has been an incredible sight to see as he continued to develop great confidence. He has put significant trust in himself to commit to using his body to win his aerial duels, use his strength in his tackles against his opponents with the ball, and position himself in the best possible location to deny the opponent from scoring. In just a short time playing as a center back, he has shown rapid growth in his individual ability in the role and his newfound love for being ‘the quarterback of the team’.

He holds his teammates to a high standard of excellence and through all of his actions helps to bring the best out of his teammates around him on a regular basis. Cameron’s love of the game is unrivaled – and his joy to play and eagerness to grow under any circumstance are what will push him to even greater heights for years to come.”

Congrats to Cameron for embodying Willamette United’s spirit!!