Players born in:
2012, 2013, 2014


Practices 2X per week

Boys Training: Monday/Wednesday

Girls Training: Tuesday/Thursday


Summer/Fall Season:

All fees include a club field fee.


Boys PDP Coaches

2012 (U10) To Be Announced
2013 (U09)  To Be Announced
2014 (U08)  To Be Announced

Girls PDP Coaches

2012 (U10) To Be Announced
2013 (U09)  To Be Announced
2014 (U08)  To Be Announced


Training sessions 2x per week and games ran by professional and qualified coaches.
– – –
Each age group has a Head Coach and an Assistant Coach(es) that will attend all trainings and games.
– – –
WUFC PDP provides all players, parents and coaches with a player development focused curriculum.
– – –
All players will be provided with an end of season Player Evaluation.
– – –
All players will receive access to the WUFC Ball Mastery Matrix for at-home learning.

Willamette United is proud to offer the premier Player Development Program in the area. This program is designed to help young players develop their skills in a fun and productive environment. PDP teams will practice two times per week and training sessions are planned using the latest US Soccer Curriculum and youth development techniques from around the world. Our staff utilizes the best fields available, as well as the best equipment, including: balls, goals, speed and agility, and other Nike training equipment.

Our PDP staff is committed to providing each individual player with the best possible experience. We pride ourselves on having the most qualified, energetic, and professional staff coaches working in our PDP program. They really are the best in the business! Our staff does a fantastic job communicating expectations and evaluations with parents. They also help manage all of the logistics of training, games, and other events throughout the year. At the end of the day, our staff coaches are encouraged to become mentors and true youth development experts in addition to great soccer coaches!


Having had our son come up through the soccer ranks at WUFC, from Rec to PDP to Classic and beyond.. The amount of development that occurs in just those short PDP years is incredible. Much of this is due to the focus of the WUFC PDP coaching staff on developing the person as well as the soccer player. I would recommend WUFC PDP to anyone, proof being that our daughter is now benefiting from their program. She is improving day by day, is part of a great team, oh and did I mention they treat you like family? Go Willamette!

Michael Pierce

The PDP program offered by WUSC is just an amazing experience for young soccer players. I have had three kids that have participated in the program and all of them loved the extra attention. They were able to spend more time on the pitch and improve their soccer skill. I truly believe this program helped them to become better players. The coaches are fantastic and spend so much time with each and every player! We are so blessed that our club offers such a valuable program.

Lisa Kellogg

We’ve had two boys graduate from the PDP program, and we feel like they both were well prepared for the next stage of their soccer careers. Willamette PDP is a great bridge between the recreational experience and the higher expectations of classic soccer. We saw dramatic technical improvement in both of our sons throughout PDP, without sacrificing their love of the game. From the coaching staff to the parents, the focus is 100% on development as opposed to winning and losing games, which has clearly benefited the kids as they’ve moved through the system.

Jay Caba

The Willamette United Football Club Player Development Program was such a positive experience for our seven-year-old son this past season. The coaches delivered developmental skills training with a passion for the game and sportsmanship while keeping each individual player engaged, included and entertained. Our son had a boost in confidence, gained a better understanding of team-play, worked hard to develop his footwork and skills and found new friends along the way. We have nothing but good things to say about this outstanding developmental program and coaching staff!

Justine Keith


Willamette United Football Club offers numerous soccer programs throughout the year. We understand that this can be confusing for players and parents. We’ve prepared a Player Development Road Map to help clarify the programs we offer and how players can progress year to year. Every Willamette United player and their development is very important to us. If you have additional questions regarding the path of development for your player, please contact us at info@willametteunitedfc.com.


PDP is designed for the more focused, committed young soccer player and family.

If your child is no longer challenged at the Recreational level they should move on to PDP.

If your child plays soccer in their spare time, you should consider registering for PDP.

If your child is generally not excited to go to soccer practice, PDP is not right for them.

If your family’s schedule will not allow for two practices per week, PDP is not right for you.

View the WUFC Player Development Road MapView the WUFC Player Development Road Map