ORSU Rugby Field
2525 SW Ek Rd, West Linn, OR 97068

  1. Enter the parking lot and follow the arrows for traffic flow. Parents stay in your car and let your child out of the car at the designated drop off sign. Please do not park and wait or continue conversation when stopped. Traffic must keep flowing.
  2. There is ONE field entrance at the Rugby field. Use the designated walkway to enter and the staircase to EXIT the field to avoid congestion and unnecessary physical contact by players.
  3. Please remind your player that once they are on the field they need to walk AROUND the field to their team’s area and place all gear on their designated spot. Players should NOT gather in small groups and they should avoid all physical contact with other players.
  4. When leaving the field, players should stay six feet apart and exit the field at the designated exit. If a player must wait, please do so while staying six feet away from other players.
  5. When picking up your player please do so at the designated pick up spot ONLY. Pick up your child and drive away as quickly as you can safely.